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Inclined mixer

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Tilting type mixer in the denitration catalyst (SCR) product

requirements, in the company of mature models on the basis of the original units, combined with actual use requirements,through continuous research and development three years of improvement and the actual use of the combination, its unique blend of principle, uniform mixing,mixing efficiency pinch effectfast, comparison of the original model in the mixed time nearly doubled the time, whether it is flat or honeycomb catalyst can be. This series of products structure is arc-shaped Coulter with different angles are respectively installed a long axis rotation, along the radial direction, on the body are respectively arranged below high speed rotating stirring blade, at the bottom of a pneu- matic discharge. The whole body is provided with an interlayer,which can be heated or cooled, reasonable design, convenient repair.

This series of products according to different needs, increase or decrease the number of experiments for coulter, mixing new refractory materials rare equipment.

technical parameter

Inclined mixer

Inclined mixer



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