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Planetary forced mixer (heated type)

model:HN-50kg  HN-100kg  HN-250kg  HN-500kg  HN-750kg  HN-1000kg  HN-1500kg  HN-2000kg

Planetary forced mixing machine is my company production mixer series products of excellent, is typical type grinding wheel and stirring become, products are mainly through the hanging wheel, planetary shovel, between the side scraper three counter current relative motion, so that the materials in the barrel body can move horizontally and vertical movement, so as to improve the efficiency of the material, fully stirring. with good mixing effect, high production efficiency, obvious energy saving effect, convenient installation and repair, good sealing performance, but also can produce according to the needs of users of heating, heat preservation device type.

technical parameter

Planetary forced mixer (heated type)

Planetary forced mixer (heated type)



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