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Founded in July 2002, Jianhu Shenjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a private scientific and technological enterprise specialized in manufacturing high-performance series mixers. It is located on the coast of the Yellow Sea-Jianhu County Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. The products mainly include eight series such as planetary forced mixer, inclined strong mixer, pressure-adjusting lifting mixer (dual-roller), high-speed mixer, etc. It is widely applicable to denitration catalysts, refractory materials, chemicals, ceramics, metallurgy , Cement and other fields of mixing and mixing are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, India, Taiwan and other more than ten countries and regions, is the country's largest mixing machine manufacturer. Vigorously implement technological innovation and strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. The company has established in-depth cooperation with Zhengzhou University, Wuhan Iron and Steel Design Institute, Anshan Jiaonai Institute, Luo Nai Institute and other universities and scientific research institutes, and has successively developed inclined strong mixers, pressure-regulated lifting mixers (double-rollers) ), Gun mud forming machine and other domestic high-quality mixing equipment, professional advanced design concept, superb and rigorous production technology, excellent product quality is deeply influenced by Anshan Iron and Steel, Pangang, Shougang, Heavy Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Maanshan Steel, China Steel and Japan's Kurosaki, South Korea's Pohang and other large domestic and foreign companies have been well received and favored, and its marketing performance has been in the forefront of domestic counterparts for many consecutive years. At present, the company has more than 20 engineers and technical R & D personnel, and has declared or owned more than 10 inventions and utility models. Integrity management is the foundation of strong enterprises. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "highest quality and sincere service", with the pursuit of user satisfaction, quick and thoughtful zero defect service has won the high trust of users at home and abroad. The sea can make it big without the water, and the mountain can make it high without the soil. In the future development journey, Shenjiang Company will look forward to cooperating with colleagues all over the country who are committed to revitalizing national industry and creating a brilliant career with a new vision, broad mind and high social responsibility.



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